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Minha Vida

Height: 5'8" - Weight: 133 lbs - Eye Color: Blue - Hair Color: Brown - Piercings 4 (for now) - Tattoos 2 (for now) - Favorite Pop/Soda: Mountain Dew - Favorite Tea: Wildberry - Favorite Flavor: Butterscotch or Blue Raspberry - Favorite Color: Lake Blue - Boyfriend: Single

...About me? I ran away from home at the end of summer to where I live now after living there for 20 years. Over the last half of 2005 to the first half of 2006 I've spent some time sorting myself out in a couple places in Alabama (Montevallo and Birmingham); York, Pennsylvania; then finally everywhere from San Francisco and San Jose all the way over in California. I like things here and plan to stay at the least for a while.

Right now I'm spending most of my free time keeping busy with modifying my hardware to improve it and going back to college to get a bachelor's this time. In my spare time I also enjoy going to the gym and/or rock climb or circuit parties to see my friends.

AIM bobbyjolinar

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